Youth and Teen Massage FAQ

  • Gene Juarez Salons & Spas allows clients under the age of 18 to receive massage therapy services with the consent of the individual’s parent or legal guardian.
  • The parent or legal guardian must be present in helping complete the required intake forms as well as collaborate with the client and massage therapist in establishing goals for the massage service.
  • NOTE: We are not currently offering services for 12 and under youth [Clients ages 12 and under must have a parent/legal guardian present in the room during the entire service.]
  • Following an initial visit, a waiver is available for clients age 13 to 17 to receive massage services without a parent/legal guardian present.
  • During the service, the client will be asked to undress to his or her level of comfort. At all times, the client will remain properly draped according to professional massage standards.

Youth (temporarily unavailable)

(45 min Relaxation Massage up to Age 12)                         

Focused on comfort, safety and introducing the relaxing benefits of massage. Secure and modest draping and gentle confidence initiate our younger clients in caring for themselves.  Massage starts supine (face up) on arms, legs and neck, building trust and a better understanding of what massage is all about. If youth is comfortable with the techniques, a back massage will also be included. Parent or legal guardian helps child complete intake form and collaborates with child and therapist in establishing goals for the massage service. Parent or legal guardian is required to be present in the treatment room during the entire service.


(45 or 60 min Relaxation or Therapeutic Massage Ages 13 to 17)                                  

Focused on stress relief and reducing the anxieties of being a teenager. Unplug your brain and connect with your body in an introspective and calming way. Choose a Relaxation Massage to relax and reduce stress and anxiety or schedule a Therapeutic Massage to release muscular tension, headaches and relieve soreness due to sports injury or overuse. Parent or legal guardian presence is required during initial greeting and consultation. A waiver may be signed allowing the teen to receive massage without parent or legal guardian present. Waiver is good for one year from date of signing.