WAX ON – Tips to Make the Most of Waxing Services

Let’s face it, of any beauty services we get, waxing is probably the most painful. But, with benefits like perfectly shaped brows and smooth legs for weeks, we’re willing to overlook a little discomfort.

Whether new to waxing or a seasoned regular, taking a few tips for the Gene Juarez Skin Care Educator, Bobbie Nolin, will help ease the pain and make sure you get most benefit from your service:

Exfoliate, Exfoliate. Regular exfoliation is a must for a good wax. Exfoliation removes any dead skin cell buildup – the main cause of ingrown hairs – it also helps blood flow and promotes cellular renewal. My favorite exfoliator is the Supracor Honeycomb Bath Mitt. Perfect for daily use, the flexible “honeycomb” cells not only exfoliate, but their unique design provides a massaging action that helps eliminate toxins that produce cellulite. This bath mitt is not only amazing to maintain your waxing but it is amazing to use all over your body.

Don’t Touch! Everyone’s skin reacts differently to waxing. But what’s universal is that everyone’s skin is sensitive and tender after a waxing service. We just removed hair, and we also created an exfoliation on the skin’s surface. The follicle that held the hair is now open and exposed to bacteria. And it will be for several days. Regardless of how smooth your skin feels, please avoid touching the waxed area. Keep the area clean and protected, avoid any exfoliation, resurfacing products, long term exposure to UV light (i.e. sun, tanning beds), or long-term submersion in water (i.e. bath tub, tropical waters, pools).

Minimize the Ouch. For women, try to avoid waxing a week before or during your menstrual cycle, a time when your waxing will be more sensitive. Wait one week after your cycle completes. Also one thing we often miss is caffeine or stimulants. We know it’s hard, but try to skip the morning coffee – it stimulates your blood flow creating a more heightened experience with the hair removal.

A few last tips on products, any of which are found at our spas: Whish Flawless uses willow bark to help reduce and heal ingrown hairs – great for bikini and underarms.