Waves Ahead: The Beach Wave

Scrunching, sleeping on braids, salt water solutions? That’s so last summer. This year at Gene Juarez, it’s all about The Beach Wave.

This treatment will effortlessly give you that beach girl look. The Beach Wave—now exclusively offered at your Gene Juarez Salon—is a texture treatment that delivers loose, casual curls that beg for the beach.

This texture-creating service promotes loose waves that look gorgeous when your hair is down, and glamorous when it’s up.

Just like Keratin treatments smooth and tame frizzy, unmanageable hair, The Beach Wave amps up volume (and attitude) with cascading waves from crown to tip.

Think your hair isn’t long enough for this beach-inspired look? Think again. The Beach Wave works on almost any hair length, whether it’s chin-length or mid-back. Youthful, fun, and dare we say sexy, the worst thing about The Beach Wave will be everyone asking you where you went on vacation.

And because it only lasts three months, think of it as a summer fling for your hair.

The Beach Wave starts at $120 and for a limited time, you can get a free gift with your service. Catch the wave and call us to schedule your service today: 425.373.3700. A consultation is recommended.