UltraShape… Fall in Love With Your Body!

The cosmetic dermatology specialists at Pur Skin Clinic Medical Spa at Gene Juarez are excited to now offer a way to destroy stubborn fat that won’t go away with diet and exercise alone! UltraShape offers long-lasting body contouring and fat reduction with no downtime, discomfort or side effects. If you can pinch it, we can treat it!

UltraShape is the first and only non-surgical FDA-approved body contouring treatment that helps you to shed fat cells by aiming ultrasound waves of energy to selectively rupture and destroy fat cells in your subcutaneous fat tissue (i.e. your troublesome areas that may be resistant to diet and exercise). Through the use of this cutting-edge technology, UltraShape ensures even fat reduction with a smooth and sculpted result.

UltraShape is designed to treat the abdomen and outer thighs by eliminating those stubborn fat accumulations that can be so hard to get rid of, even with a proper diet and exercise. It is not designed as a primary weight-loss tool, but is a great non-surgical way to create a more pleasing body appearance for patients of normal body weight or who are moderately overweight.

Since February is the month of love, UltraShape is making it easier than ever for men and women to fall in love with their bodies all over again! UltraShape produces effective results and is a wonderful alternative to offer patients who are not ready to commit to more invasive treatments, such as liposuction. The treatment is comfortable and painless, with no downtime involved, making it a perfect choice for patients with busy lifestyles.

UltraShape advantages:

– Clinically proven pulsed (non-heat) focused ultrasound technology for instant, selective and permanent fat cell destruction

– FDA approved.

– No downtime, bruising or swelling.

– Long-lasting measurable results within just a few weeks.

– Comfortable and simple, “walk-in, walk-out” procedure.

– Ultrasound technology; no incisions, needles or surgery.

– Delivers even, smooth fat reduction throughout the treatment area.

Ready to fall in love with your body? Contact the cosmetic dermatology specialists at Pur Skin Clinic to learn more about UltraShape at 425-605-5090.

Written by Jill Kandora, PA-C