Introducing our New Talent Service Menu!

Our New Talent artists are licensed cosmetologists apprenticing with Premier designers and colorists on their journey to becoming Gene Juarez floor artists.  All services are performed on the salon floor under the guidance of Gene Juarez Premier artists.  Book with our New Talent artists for the Gene Juarez experience on a budget.

New Talent colorists progress through three tiers, adding more complex services to their repertoire as they complete additional training and time with their mentor(s).

Book with our New Talent artists just as you would with any Gene Juarez artist: through our mobile app, online, or by calling your salon.  The full list of available services is in our Hair menu.

Download our mobile app:  App Store or Google Play Store

New Talent services are part of the GJ training experience and therefore redos must be booked with the same New Talent artist who performed the original service.  Please call us within 72 hours of the original service with any concerns.