The World of Hair Color

As we move into fall it is common to see the hair color trends follow what happens in the season. The leaves change and melt into different tones as they go from green, to orange to yellow and then eventually into the brown pile on the lawn to be raked up.

And so does the hair color… What we brightened and lightened for summer fun is now becoming grown out and softly deepened and darkened for fall/winter.

Blondes are moving softer, warmer and richer … growing out of the roots with depth and gradually melting lighter and warmer. Dark gold blond melting into rich buttery blond ends.

This is what we know and love as Ombré color!

The browns are melting down the hair really richly with red and gold undertones. Out of the root as a medium brown melting into auburgine and then eventually golden copper tipped ends.

The bold highlights and all over colors of the summer are now getting softened and melting into fine woven highlights with 2 or 3 tones added to what was created by mother nature.

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