The Power of Beauty Oils: Nourish to the Core

A new kind of oil boom is underway, releasing some of the newest – and most timeless – multitasking elixirs: beauty oils. For anointing Egyptian queens, Greek scholars and more common folk alike, the purity and organic nature of beauty oils has made them the go-to skin soothing salve of the ancient world. And now they’re the uber-modern medium for antioxidants, gentle yet thorough cleansing, sebum-busting solutions and tress conditioning. Read on for a sampling of some of the most beneficial (and completely indulgent) body and hair oils featured at our Pacific Northwest salons.

Bija Body Daily Body Serum
Imagine the most luxurious delivery system for those all-important skin-saving antioxidants and smoothing agents, one that warms and melts into your skin leaving a gorgeous glow and lingering scent that’s equal parts graceful and sensual. Now add the genius touch of active botanicals to absorb UV radiation (still needed year-round even under Seattle’s cloud cover) and a touch of inflammation-busting organic honey. You’ve got a seriously sexy daily serum on your hands – and all over your body.

Eminence Herbal Recovery Oil
No beauty oil category is more buzz-worthy than the ever-expanding array of face oils. Some are melded with gentle cleansing agents for a non-irritating wash, others boast shine-inhibiting ingredients to curb problem skin’s tendency to overproduce its own oil. Still others, like Eminence’s Herbal Recovery Oil, do all of the above and toss in some sweet aromatherapy and anti-aging, wrinkle-reducing botanicals besides. This everything oil is especially awesome for mature and sensitive complexions.

CND Solar Oil
Since we were kids we’ve been smitten with the name of this oil – Solar. (It’s Seattle – we’ll take it where we can get it.) And we already know the reputation of CND, that purveyor of all things manicure-marvelous. Plus, the emollient mixture here is so basic, so pure, so effective. Nothing seems to soften our cuticles and ultimately strengthen our nails better than this mixture of jojoba oil, rice bran oil and Vitamin E. And maybe it’s the very first ingredient that seals the deal – sweet almond oil – but it smells good enough to eat, even though it’s really a treat for hands and feet.

Oribe Gold Lust
You love the results after a visit with your hair stylist, but to keep that crowning glory shiny, healthy and looking straight-from-the-salon fresh you’ll want to follow a nourishing after-care routine. Oribe offers a sumptuous blend of nutrients (including argan, jasmine and cassis oils) to protect and revive following color services and other chemical treatments. This lightweight hair oil disappears into strands, fighting frizz weightlessly, and leaving a natural shine, subtle fragrance and a layer of UV protection as well.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime
Here’s a hair oil brimming with rich ingredients that target common tress troubles no matter your hair type. Fine, thick, color-treated, damaged – this Elixir Ultime goes to work with four emollient and protective oils that, with just a few drops, imparts both strength and softness to anyone’s mane. We love using this wonder oil before shampooing (gets more dirt and impurities out), as a thermal protector pre-blow dry, and as a smoothing agent for a last, luscious, touch.

These get gorgeous elixirs and more are available at each of our salon and spa locations. To find a product that’s a perfect fit for you, stop in or schedule an appointment with one of our stylists or therapists.