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All About Kybella

Kybella is a groundbreaking, non-invasive treatment for submental fullness. In the past, the only effective options for reducing submental fullness were surgical procedures or liposuction; however, now this fat can be eliminated through a series of simple injections. P?r Skin Clinic at Gene Juarez in Seattle and Bellevue is excited to offer the brand-new FDA-approved treatment… Read more »

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Introducing Pur Skin Clinic at Gene Juarez!

Continuing our tradition of providing our clients the best and most cutting-edge in beauty and skincare, we are affiliating with P?r Skin Clinic to offer cosmetic dermatology services at our Bellevue spa. P?r Skin Clinic is one of our region’s most trusted cosmetic dermatology providers. P?r Skin Clinic’s medical services embrace natural beauty, helping clients look… Read more »

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