Summer Suncare – We’ve Got You Covered!

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We’re at the end of July, and if you know anything about PNW summers… this is when they officially start. So that means it’s time for you to really start taking care of yourself in the sun! At Gene Juarez, we have a variety of products to help both your hair and skin conquer summer weather. So let’s start from the top – literally!

Phytodess, our favorite line of all-natural haircare, has a range of products just for sun-exposed hair called Symbio Sun. Our favorites are the shampoo and the mask, made from desert date oil. Desert date oil is created from a tree from Burkina Faso whose fruit is harvested by the environmentally-sustainable local population.

Symbio Sun shampoo washes hair sensitized by sun exposure and removes all traces of salt, chlorine, and sunscreens, helping preseve the hair fiber and leaving the hair soft and glossy. The mask is ideal in the restoration of your hair’s original beauty after it is weakened by sun exposure. The desert date oil in the mask helps the hair recover its softness and strength. Your hair color will be preserved and feel nourished and hydrated with extra gloss and silk.

In need of a good sunscreen? We can help you there too! G.M. Collin skincare is dedicated to offering women and men of all ages an exclusive range of products, from superior performance clinical treatments to the highest quality dermo-corrective home care. The goal, no matter what the product, is a more radiant, healthier, younger-looking skin – and this applies to their suncare as well! There are two suncare products at G.M. Collin that we recommend: the 50+ Dry Touch Sun Protection Cream, SPF 50+, and the Sun Protection Cream SPF 60. Both products are ultra-light and free of PABA, parabens, alcohol, and any colors or dyes. Maximum UVA & UVB protection is provided for high sun exposure for areas prone to sunburn, like nose, ears, shoulders, chest, and more. Best part, both products are perfect for all skin types. No matter your sensitivity, G.M. Collin is right for you!

There are a few differences between the products that may sway your choice of purchase: the 50+ Dry Touch is water resistant for 80 minutes, while the SPF 60 Sun Protection Cream is only water-resistent for 40 minutes. However, the SPF 60 cream has many extra benefits. It contains 100% natural Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide mineral sunscreens, which are the only real way to prevent skin damage (and premature aging, which never hurts!). It is also the best choice for children. So if you need a sunscreen you can trust for the kiddos, this is the one for you!

Interested in any of these products or would like some more information? Stop by any of our 10 Gene Juarez Salons & Spas and one of our highly-knowledgeably staff members would be happy to help you! From now until August 13, 2016 receive a free Phytodess travel bag with your purchase of Symbio Sun shampoo & mask.