Radiant skin is always in style—no matter your style. Gene Juarez spa facial treatments will give you glowing results, purify your skin and allow you to see a difference in your overall appearance.

Classic Facial60 min $125Series of 3 - $320
Improve the health of your skin with a deep cleanse, gentle exfoliation, extractions, mask, and a relaxing décolleté treatment. Skin is left feeling hydrated and refreshed.

Targeted Facial

60 min $160
With new and improved ingredients exclusive to Babor, our targeted facials are made for optimal results. Your expert skincare therapist will select a facial therapy customized to target and treat your specific skin concerns. All targeted facials include a relaxing décolleté treatment, a peel and Babor Ampoule. A Detoxifying Clay Peel-off Mask is added to all 90-minute targeted facials. Our targeted range addresses a variety of skin concerns to:
• Clarify blemished, problematic skin • Soothe sensitive, stressed and dry skin • Restore moisture and prevent premature aging • Combat signs of aging, loss of elasticity, fine lines, and restore firmness • Repair weakened or stressed skin and boost skin cell regeneration


Express Resurfacing Peel30 min $85
High performance peel to aid cellular turnover, minimize fine lines and wrinkles leaving you with a smooth, rosy complexion.

Specialty Facials

Microneedling Treatment60 min $290Series of 3 - $750
Microneedling is the latest treatment in skin rejuvenation. Using a device with fine needles, your Master Esthetician creates tiny punctures to the top layer of the skin, which triggers your skin's ability to self-repair - producing new collagen and elastin. Results can include reduction of fine lines, sun damage, scars, improved skin texture and increased firmness with minimal to no downtime. 90 min treatment includes resurfacing peel. Available at Bellevue and Tacoma locations.

Express Facials

Express Classic Facial30 min $75Series of 3 - $200
Improve the health of your skin with a deep cleanse, gentle exfoliation, extractions, and mask. Skin is left feeling hydrated and refreshed.
Express Acne Facial45 min $80Series of 3 - $215
Help treat and prevent acne with encapsulated salycilic and powerful botanicals that are effective and nonirritating. Regular treatments and home care will show a dramatic reduction in breakouts and leave you with a more balanced and clear complexion in just 28 days.

Facial Enhancements

Babor Ampoule$20
These targeted, clinically proven treatments are highly active concentrates that will penetrate deep in to the skin to help boost your facial results. Add to any facial, no added time.
Detoxifying Clay Peel-off Mask$40
Using green mineral clay, this mask will work to free your skin from environmental pollutants, reduce blemishes, balance and remineralize your skin, leaving you with a fresh and balanced complexion. Can be added to any facial. Included in all 90 min Targeted facials.
Doctor Babor Hydro RX Gel Mask$40
Packed with hyaluronic acid, this mask provides a cooling and refreshing experience for the skin, leaving the skin with a more radiant, hydrated and plumped-up appearance. Add to any facial, 15 min added time. Included in Detox & Glow Facial.
Doctor Babor Silver Foil Mask$40
The Silver Foil Mask is an innovative sheet mask that contains high doses of hyaluronic acid, brown algae, pullulan, and baicalin. These powerful ingredients work together to intensively hydrate and plump the skin. The Silver Foil Mask also helps protect skin from free radical damage that can cause premature aging. Add to any facial, 15 min added time. Included in Detox & Glow Facial.
Doctor Babor Hydro RX Eye Patches$20
Cooling 3D Hydro-Gel Eye Pads are perfectly shaped to fit the under eye contour area. With multidimensional moisturizing effects and cooling action, your eye area will be hydrated, refreshed and radiant. Add to any facial, no added time.

Services are available at most locations – check for availability.

A $2 Environmental Stewardship Fee is charged on visits under $35 and $3 for $35 and up. Learn more about our commitment to environmental change.