Massage and body treatments at Gene Juarez

Massage & Body Treatments

Find a refuge from the chaos of day-to-day life at Gene Juarez Spas. There is a massage and body treatment service sure to address the health and relaxation needs you’re seeking. Our exceptional therapists strive to give you the very best and most relaxing experience every time you visit.
  • Massage
    • Relaxation Massage
      45 min $95 | 60 min $115 | 90 min $170

      A massage customized to your relaxation needs and enhanced with restorative aromatherapy. Choose a 45 minute service for a targeted massage or 60+ minutes for full body.

    • Therapeutic Massage
      45 min $100 | 60 min $125 | 90 min $185

      Specific, deeper layers of muscle tissue are massaged to release chronic muscle tension, relieve pain and restore mobility.

    • Maternity Massage
      60 min $125     |     90 min $185

      Relieve muscle tension, increase energy and improve your quality of sleep with massage techniques specifically designed to address the unique aches and pains of pregnancy. Includes the use of ergonomic pregnancy cushions to ensure the safety and comfort of mother and child.

    • Reflexology
      30 min $65     |     60 min $115

      Stress reduction, increased energy, improved circulation and overall balance of mind and body are achieved through a targeted, pressure point foot massage. Not available at Redmond or Kitsap. 

    • Lomi Lomi Massage
      60 min $135     |     90 min $200

      Nurture, relax and restore the mind and body with this ancient Hawaiian massage that works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes. Available at Seattle and Bellevue

  • Massage Enhancements

    These services can be added onto any massage, except Maternity (included in service time).

    • Scalp, Neck & Shoulder Massage
      30 min $44

      Attention and focus on your most tense areas to stimulate circulation and relieve head, neck and shoulder tension. This energizing scalp, neck and shoulder massage is designed to promote relaxation, ease muscle aches and rebalance an over-stressed nervous system. A great massage to treat the aches and pains that come from daily office and computer work.

    • Body Treatment Massage Enhancement
      30 min $44

      Enhance any Body Treatment by adding a 30-minute Massage. 

    • Hot Stones

      Warm, soothing stones are used to help ease muscle tension and provide a deeper state of relaxation.

    • Thermal Marine Mud

      Relieve pain and detoxify a single area of concern with warm, effervescent marine mud.

  • Body Treatments
    • Nourishing & Hydrating Body Treatment
      60 min, $115

      Bright citrus notes of lemon verbena and gentle buffing grains are blended with stimulating extracts to soften the skin. This gentle exfoliation deeply nourishes and revitalizes the skin. Add on a 30-minute Massage for $44.

    • Detoxifying & Revitalizing Body Treatment
      60 min, $115

      Fragrant and finely ground coffee beans are blended with Indian sarsaparilla, honey, tobacco and black silt clay in this detoxifying multi-purpose scrub and mud treatment. Add on a 30-minute Massage for $44.