Smooooth (Keratin Treatment!) Sailing

Frizzy, unruly and downright difficult hair is so frustrating. Loading on product after product with either 1) no results or 2) weighed down greasy hair. It takes you twice as long to get ready and you’re never able to achieve the smooth hair you desire. We understand completely. We fully feel for you. But most importantly, we have a solution to offer.

From here on out, it’s smooth sailing. Chemical and damage-free, Keratin Smoothing Treatments offer long-lasting (up to 4 months!) smooth, soft and shiny results for even the most frizzy and damaged hair. The treatment requires no downtime – you can style, pin, curl, color your hair, even swim, the same day as your treatment. The time it takes to get ready and do your hair is dramatically decreased (our favorite part, mostly because we’ll do just about anything for extra sleep).

When you think of straightening or smoothing services, you may think of harsh chemicals and ultra-straight, lifeless hair. The times have changed! 100% formaldehyde free, our Keratin Smoothing Treatments are created with a unique blend of keratin, botanical extracts and vitamins that deliver smooth hair and restore health and manageability.

The Keratin Smoothing Treatment practiced at GJ uses a low pH system to open the hair cuticle and infuse ingredients that actually repair hair. The results are long-lasting, smooth and frizz-free hair that shines. Even better, the treatment requires no ‘downtime’ – you can style, pin, curl, color your hair, even swim, the same day as your treatment.

Two main ingredients do the smoothing: Sericin, a natural protein, bonds effectively to natural keratin in hair and acts as a cement between strands of keratin protein, locking hair into a smoother, straighter shape. Glycolic acid, a popular exfoliant and moisturizer for skin, is the second main ingredient. It penetrates hair, allowing keratin and vitamins – including Vitamins C, E, B3, B5 and B6 – to infuse the hair shaft delivering softer and more manageable hair.

Remember! This is a smoothing treatment, not straightening. Meaning: hair will not completely lose body and will not be completely straight. Your hair will still be your own! Just version 2.0. The smooth, soft and shiny version. Mmm.

Two Keratin Smoothing Treatments are available: a full treatment’s results last up to 4 months. Want to test the waters a little bit? Try an Express. It’ll last you up to 4 weeks.

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Keratin Smoothing Treatments are available at all Gene Juarez Salon & Spa locations.