Naturopathica: Nature’s Pharmacy

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Supplying our clients with the latest and greatest products is crucial — we want you to feel just as good at home as you do when you’re with us! We are pleased to announce that we are now carrying Naturopathica skincare products, made in the USA.

Think of Naturopathica as Nature’s Pharmacy: products are made from plant extracts, minerals and clinical-grade essential oils healing you with all-natural therapies. Inspired by nature and drawing from traditional healing practices, Naturopathica remedies and rituals are created to rejuvenate, comfort, and enhance everyday lives. Every ingredient is carefully curated to promote skin health, restore skin youthfulness, and delight the senses for overall well-being.

Gene Juarez now carries a variety of Naturopathica products for a variety of needs:

– to hydrate and protect
– smooth and firm
– brighten and revitalize
– clarify and rebalance.

You can soothe your muscle aches and pains with Arnica Muscle & Joint Gel ($28), experience calming through Aromatic Alchemy essential oils ($28-$34), condition and massage your scalp with Wild Lime Revitalizing Scalp & Hair Oil ($28), and deeply exfoliate your skin with body scrubs of Espresso Mud and Lemongrass Mimosa ($32).

Naturopathica makes every decision with mindfulness. To experience a selection of different Naturopathica products, visit your local Gene Juarez Salon & Spa.

*Naturopathica products not available at Kitsap.