If you’re a man who’s browsed the hair product aisle, you’ve no doubt heard of American Crew. If you’ve had your hair cut at The Gene Juarez Men’s Salon and noticed how we part your hair off in that funny way at the beginning your cut, then you’ve experienced the Men’s Work cutting method.

The minds, hands and talent behind American Crew and the Men’s Work cutting method are upping the game and releasing a new product line devoted to all things men’s style – MENSDEPT. The line is crafted from founders David Raccuglia and Kurt Kueffner’s eye for precision – the duo are responsible for standardizing the first “men-only” haircutting technique that gained notoriety in barbershops and salons globally – and their no-fuss sensibility.

The line takes streamlined hair care to a whole new level (and an achievable one at that). MENSDEPT. features just one shampoo and one conditioner, formulated for most men to use daily. They deep clean and tone the scalp and hair with a light tingle of mint and lime. With cleanse and condition taken care of, the focus is on water-based styling products that go on and wash out easy, no elbow grease required.

If you’re an American Crew loyalists, or have been searching for that perfect line that says macho but delivers style, MENSDEPT. is built for you. Not to mention, with everything at under $20, it’s a price point that can’t be beat.

Grooming Cream I: Amazing for curly or greying hair, holding down frizz and giving just enough definition.

Grooming Cream II: A low-key leave-in conditioner, perfect for anyone who thinks they don’t like product.

Microtech: Adds texture and is the ultimate in versatility, going from light and soft to firmer hold depending on the amount you put into your hair.

Firm Hold Gel: With no alcohol, it isn’t sticky and will never flake. Unheard of, we know, but MENSDEPT. has figured it out!

Grooming Clay: With a matte finish wax that doesn’t appear dull, it boasts a pliable hold.

Forming Paste: Soft with reliable hold and shine to create the ever popular slicked to the side styles.

I also love that there are no added colors or fragrances in MENSDEPT. and the scent gradually fades within 30 minutes or so. True, I’m a nerd for all things men’s grooming, but MENSDEPT. makes it easy. Stop by the Men’s Salon at Gene Juarez Bellevue, we would love to show you the new line and how to use it!

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