Maternity Massage Benefits

Pregnancy, while a beautiful miracle, is full of trials and tribulations. Discomfort and pain can cause stress and anxiety to the expectant mother and relief is often a difficult thing to find. An effective and safe way to find relief during pregnancy is through Maternity Massages. At Gene Juarez spas, our Maternity Massages take complete care of both mother and baby, allowing the mother to relax while finding peace, comfort and solace with the help and guidance of their Massage Therapist.

Rebecca Garvin, a Maternity Massage Specialist located at our Bellevue Spa explains “As your baby grows, your center of gravity changes forcing your body to use muscles in new ways, creating new aches and pains as your pregnancy progresses”. Maternity Massages help to combat these new issues, providing a variety of benefits to both mother and child.

Massages during pregnancy:

– Reduce pain and discomfort in joints and muscles
– Reduce swelling and edema
– Increase circulation, helping deliver nutrients to mother and baby
– Reduce stress hormones like cortisol and norepinephrine
– Increase feel good hormones like serotonin and dopamine
– Reduce anxiety, stress, and depression
– Improve quality of sleep

During our Maternity Massages special cushions and pillows are used to create a comfortable setting for the mother. With the mother positioned on her side, the joints are kept open and well-aligned with help from the pillows and cushions, providing optimal circulation. This position also prevents strain on the uterine ligaments and pressure on the inferior vena cava deep in the abdomen ensuring protection of both mother and baby.

The comfort and safety of mother and baby is a guarantee and priority at Gene Juarez. To find a spa near you, visit our locations page. If you have any further questions about the Maternity Massage service, ask to speak to one of our Client Service Specialists and they will assist you with any uncertainties or concerns you may have.