Massage for the New Mom

Massage for the New Mom

While we believe massage is important for all individuals, it can’t be said enough for new moms. Pregnancy is tremendously demanding on the body and mind, and postpartum massage is a very effective treatment following childbirth.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, a national health organization committed to promoting pregnancy wellness, postpartum massage has been shown to be effective for quicker recovery and better health.

Massage helps combat postpartum depression and anxiety, residual body aches from pregnancy, reduce the stress hormone cortisol, ease the fatigue, promote relaxation and assist with sleep.

Massage for Baby

Newborn babies also receive a significant amount of benefit from massage. Baby massage will help newborns breathe more rhythmically, stimulate growth-promoting hormones, develop his/her brain, boost immunity and relieve stress. Simply put, it can help baby relax, sleep and reduce crying.