LOB: The New Bob

Lob is code word for ‘longer bob,’ the classic cut that doesn’t end at the jawbone but falls somewhere above the shoulders. Ideal for diamond or heart shaped faces, a Lob can be streamlined to just one length or layered to create volume and interest.  A hint of graduated layers at the nape of the neck creates a customized, runway ready look that can still be scooped up into a ponytail.

The Lob is a versatile style that complements a wide range of face shapes and is the ideal cut for our Beach Wave service—a texturizing treatment (only available at Gene Juarez) that makes you look like you just stepped off your surfboard.

Adding a summer-soaked Balayage component adds the illusion of movement to a one-length Lob, and adds in that sun-kissed look you’re seeking for summer.

Perimeter highlighting, for those who want ‘the natural look,’ takes a Lob to the next level. For those who want to amp up their look even more, bold or contrasting highlights turn an average Lob into a bona fide home run.