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Dry. Weak. Frizzy. Damaged.

Even those who take exceptional care of their hair are in need of an added healthy-hair boost from time to time. Because let’s face it – you may use moisturizing shampoo, but curly girls, frizz is just inevitable. And sometimes, no matter what you do, your hair is as dry as all of the places we have weather-envy for (come on, sunshine!).

Picture this: hair treatment, tailored to your specific needs, completed in 15 minutes, lasting for up to 6 weeks (when you use the proper Kerastase shampoo and conditioner!). You’ve heard of Kerastase, right? The rockstar haircare line that we’ve been recommending for just about forever? Yeah, that’s because they’re all about creating and obtaining healthy hair. One way they do this is with treatments (that you can get at any GJ salon), a secret service that we’ve decided you really need to know about.

You can add a Kerastase treatment to any hair service: cut, color, doesn’t matter. Every visit is the perfect time to give your hair the TLC it deserves. There are 4 treatments offered: anti-frizz, strengthening, rejuvenating and shine. First, choose your treatment based on your hair’s primary need. After your primary need has been met through your main treatment, a booster is added to tend to your hair’s second most important need.

So what’s that mean exactly? Simply put, every treatment is customized per person, allowing us to deliver your hair’s exact needs. Top to bottom, inside and out. Your hair’s concerns will be met in a way that works perfect just for you.

The treatment and booster are decided between the artist and client with two things in mind: what the client feels in their hair and experiences daily, and what needs the artist sees in their hair that the client may not. If your hair is as dry as straw and needs moisture STAT, you may do a matching treatment and booster to give you as much moisture as possible. Frizzy hair but also looking particularly dull lately? You may do an anti-frizz treatment with a shine booster. Treatments and boosters fuse together to create 20 different possible personalized combinations. We’ll say it again, because it’s just that important: your treatment is 100% tailored to you.

Remember how we said it could be during any hair service, color included? These treatments act as an added benefit to color services: strengthening treatments help to… well, strengthen, hair after color services. It prepares hair for ultimate nourishment and reconstruction while preparing for optimal color absorption.

Adding a Kerastase treatment to any of your hair services will only add 15 minutes to your service time and will only run you $37. For the quick and easy application and the long-lasting benefits… *hair swoon*.  Kerastase treatments are available at all 10 GJ locations and can be easily booked when you schedule your next service.

Have any other questions? Ask your artist!