Haircolor Magic with the Metallic Hair Trend

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As fashion marches on and we put ombré haircolor on the back burner for awhile, our attention’s drawn to a brand new, London-born trend – metallic hair. The name’s a bit of a misnomer, since there aren’t actually any metals in the mix, “metallic” refers instead to the results: allover brightening with the luster and shine of polished metal.

This technique can be used to brighten up warm looks using bronze and copper shades, or make cool tones pop with steely blondes and titanium browns. The effect is created by placing two complementary colors along the hair shaft with a very gradual transition between the two (unlike the sharper-contrast transitions of ombré color). Metallic haircolor can be done as an all-over color service or in combination with highlights. Your Gene Juarez colorist can even turn up the shine by adding demi-permanent shades and finishing with a gloss treatment.

The result is rich, high-watt haircolor with increased radiance and an almost iridescent glow. Give it a go if you’re looking to change things up without going overboard.

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