Gentlemen, Meet Your Men’s Specialists!

There is a secret we hold in our massive Bellevue Salon… a little 500 square foot haven just for men. A corner that hums with the noise of clippers, laughter and last night’s scores. It hides in plain sight, and if you haven’t been there you are missing out on something special.

Okay. It’s not quite a secret. But many of the men in the PNW are unaware of its existence: the Gene Juarez Men’s Salon. An inspired idea that resulted in brilliant success, the Men’s Salon was imagined in the early 2000s when Gene himself and a longtime friend/colleague decided to test out a salon within a salon. The selling point? It’s only for men.

It’s not quite a barber shop; there are no shaves. It’s not quite a normal salon; it’s only for men. It’s a little darker, the chairs a little bigger, the products completely tailored. The six women and one man who cut in the Men’s Salon are highly-skilled, painstakingly trained, and 100% passionate about one thing. Men’s hair.

What was created ended up being one of the most successful ideas in Gene Juarez history. So why, you may ask, have you not heard of it? The Bellevue Men’s Salon has created its clientele based on 100% word of mouth and referrals. So unless you have a friend, coworker, brother, or father who visits… you’ve been out of luck. Bummer. Let’s change that, shall we?

Half of the staff has been cutting in the Men’s Salon for 10+ years, and they’re all ready to meet you! Cuts are performed using male-specific cutting techniques, leaving you with a cut like none you have had before. It will be subtle, the grow-out better, the styling easier, and the shape perfect. After all, this is what they do, and this is what they love. So which passionate stylist is right for you? That’s the best part. All seven are phenomenal. They are all trained the same way, most by the same person, and are incredibly detail-oriented and talented. Thinking of changing up your style and need some advice? Come see Amanda. If you want to laugh and hear about what’s new all around Seattle, visit with KristinAbby is the one to see for a high energy cut, and if you want to chat about the outdoors, Jo is the way to go. Always up for hearing a good laugh and comparing world travels? That’s all Sandy. And if you want a man with a plan that can talk work out routines and philosophy all in one, visit the Men’s Salon main-man Jack.

It goes without saying that whoever you see will provide you with an amazing haircut, teach you how to maintain it, and leave you feeling like a new man. So what are you waiting for? Give the Bellevue Men’s Salon a shot! To schedule an appointment, call 425.455.5511.

 Contribution by Men’s Salon Designer Amanda.