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If you have curly hair and have struggled to manage its rebellious ways, look no further. We are happy to announce the only trademarked cutting technique for curly hair exclusively at Gene Juarez Salons. Our certified Ouidad Curl Experts will help you to express and never suppress your curls. This new customized service works for every curl type, from simple waves all the way to tight coils. Each of our 10 locations feature multiple Ouidad Curly Hair Experts to help you learn to keep control of your curls. They understand how to decipher your curl pattern and how to enhance them, leaving you more confident with your gorgeous curls! Meet our certified Curl Experts:


Aaliyah has been with Gene Juarez for 15 years and is a member of the Artistic Team. She has had numerous years of training in curly hair and she loves teaching her clients how to diffuse and style their hair in the proper manner so it is beautiful all the time. She feels that every woman should love their natural hair and embrace their curl!

Camden has been with Gene Juarez for six years and loves working with curls because they are full of movement and texture. While building lasting relationships with her clients, she enjoys getting to educate them in the latest trends and making them feel beautiful by changing their look. Camden is also Keratin certified.

Molly has been with Gene Juarez for three years and is passionate about helping her clients learn how to work with their curls and love their hair no matter how it is worn. She enjoys working with the texture and body that curly hair has and helping her younger clients that may struggle with their curly locks.

Zaira has been with Gene Juarez for four years. Having naturally curly hair, Zaira loves that she can help women and men love their natural curl and wave. She loves the natural look and finds it rewarding to help clients display the beauty in their curls with confidence.


Aphrodite has been with Gene Juarez for 30 years and loves the movement and texture of curls! She loves to work with people and make them feel beautiful – it is her passion. Aphrodite is an educator and specializes in fine hair, curly hair, and blowdrys.

Irina has been with Gene Juarez for 20 years. She loves creating definition in curls and experimenting with their movement. Irina loves being able to make her clients feel beautiful! She specializes in short haircuts and calligraphy cuts.

Johnny comes to Gene Juarez from Los Angeles and has over 10 years of experience in cutting and styling curly hair, specializing in precision and freehand cutting at the Robert Vetica Salon in Beverly Hills. Johnny can style your hair for anything – from elegant all the way to edgy.  He loves the natural body and movement of curls, and recognizes their need for extra love and attention. He loves making his clients leave the salon feeling more beautiful than when they came in!

Manzo is a member of the Artistic Team and has been with Gene Juarez for four years. He loves working with curls because of their natural texture, and he is able to help his clients embrace their natural beauty. Manzo feels that the person he is today is shaped by his clients allowing him to express his creativity.

Tim has been a designer at Gene Juarez for 21 years. His love for education has led him to become an Associate Design Trainer and is Balmain Extension certified. Tim has been led through extensive training and has attended classes in New York for and Bumble and bumble, as well as working backstage at New York Fashion Week. His love for hair and his ability to work with all hair types is what makes Tim one of our most in demand designers, companywide. “It gives me a great opportunity to create specific styles based on each individual’s lifestyle”, Tim says. He loves the challenge and beauty of curly hair, and loves creating new looks for clients with their curls.


Christophe has been with Gene Juarez for 18 years and loves every aspect of being with his clients and being a hairdresser. He loves working with curls because he can make sure his client is wearing the curls, rather than the curls wearing them!

Courtney’s passion for hair started at home being the eldest of six girls. She learned the specifics of styling at an early age due to the fact that all of the women in her family had curly hair. With two years of expert training at Gary Manuel Aveda, where she took classes from curl experts from both New York and London, Courtney has become a curl expert herself. Courtney has now been with Gene Juarez for roughly two and a half years and loves working with her curly hair clients!

Leonardo has been with Gene Juarez for 10 years and is a member of the Artistic Team, is an Extension Specialist, and is a Premier Design Artist. Leonardo has 17 years in the industry. He has been apart of numerous photo shoots, fashion shoots, and hair shows with the Artistic Team. Leonardo loves working with curly hair because of their body, movement, and how every curl is different!

Michael Angelo is a member of the Artistic Team and has been with Gene Juarez for almost six years. Coming from a family of curls and with curly hair himself, he knows the importance of a good haircut and style! He loves the versitility of curls and loves empowering women to love their natural hair.


Alex has been with Gene Juarez for almost two years. He loves working with curls because having curls himself, he understands how frustrating they can be! He is always sure to help clients understand their hair and assures that they will get a cut that works with their texture. Alex loves his clients because they are able to relax and decompress once they are in his chair. He loves to help them feel rejuvenated and helping them experience a new life when they change their appearance and gain confidence.

Melissa knows that each set of curls is unique, and she loves to make them take shape and become defined! “They’re almost like a puzzle. You never meet the same curl twice!” she said. After being with Gene Juarez for three years,  Melissa loves all of her clients and loves to hear their stories every day. Melissa loves to show her clients how a little change can make a huge difference and make them so much more confident.


Greg has been with Gene Juarez for over a year, but has been a Hair Stylist and educator in the business since 1982. He knows that curly hair is intricate and takes a lot of talent to understand that “less is more” when working with curly hair. Greg’s favorite aspect of being a Hair Stylist is the client interaction, and the passion for learning and teaching. His specialties include challenging hair situations, style changes and updating current looks. He considers himself to be a lifelong learner so he goes to as many classes as possible to elevate his skill set.

Heather has is new to Gene Juarez and enjoys educating her clients and being able to offer them new perspectives. She believes that this challenges her and allows her to become a stronger stylist. Heather loves working with curls because they are beautiful, forgiving, and sexy! She loves forming special bonds with her clients and loves the constant change in trends. Nothing is every boring!

Melody has been with Gene Juarez for eight years. She believes curly hair is beautiful and being able to make it manageable, wearable and fabulous for the client is incredibly gratifying. “Hair is our best accessory,” she says. Making someone feel comfortable and beautiful in their hair is what keeps Melody going as a Stylist. Her specialties include fixing cuts, troubleshooting growth patterns, bridal hair and gorgeous blow outs!

Patsy has been working at Gene Juarez for three years. Her favorite thing about working with curls is their flexibility, bounce, and being able to help create enhancements for them. Talking and getting to know her clients as time goes on is one of Patsy’s favorite parts about being a hairdresser. She loves to transform them and see how happy they are because of it. If you need a Keratin treatment or an updo, Patsy is your girl!


Whether a subtle change or a more dramatic style is what you’re looking for, Addison’s passion is to create a style that makes you look and feel your best.  Addison is a Premier Artist and a member of the Artistic Team. He would love to help you achieve your hair goal, especially if you have curls! He loves working with curly haired clients and helping them learn new ways to embrace their natural curls.

A Premier Artist, Iris is as passionate as they come and a true mentor for many. She has nine years of experience with Gene Juarez, two of those years spent as an educator for aspiring design students. Iris inspires designers and clients alike with her attention to detail through her haircuts and styling techniques. Like any well rounded stylist, Iris is skilled with curly hair, both in cutting and styling she is sure to wow any client that is lucky enough to sit in her chair.

Jasmine has been with Gene Juarez for over two years. She loves being able to show her clients new products and trends because when she is confident and excited, then they get confident and excited too! Jasmine oves to work with curls because they are making a comeback, and she wants all of her curly hair clients to embrace them. She loves the movement of curls.

Maribel has been with Gene Juarez for eight years. There’s definitely no denying that curly hair stands out in a crowd and is one of a kind, so Maribel loves to help her clients embrace their uniqueness and use their curls as an identifier. She loves to experiment with curls, from making it big like Diana Ross, or a more sophisticated and polished look. “My belief is that curly hair has a personality of its own and it shouldn’t be tamed, it should be free!” says Maribel. Maribel loves and respects her job, getting personal with her clients. She is a member of the Artistic Team and always looks forward to making progress in her field —  not only from the industry, but from her clients as well. Maribel loves to make you rock your hair with attitude and confidence!

Vanessa has been with Gene Juarez for 13 years and is a Salon Mentor, Keratin specialist, and updo specialist. She loves a good challenge! Vanessa loves working with curls because they are all different. She loves to help clients tame and style their curls. Vanessa loves to help people and solve their hair problems, so she loves being a hair dresser. She loves to make people feel beautiful every day and help to make them feel more confident!

South Hill

Lani has been with Gene Juarez for over 10 years. She is a specialist in updos, products, and is a former Kerastase Tech Team member. Her favorite part of her job is that she feels like she can explore and create freely! She loves getting to make people beautiful and having them leave her chair feeling confident. Lani loves working with curls because she finds it fun and amazing to show the client the potential of their natural hair. Showing her clients that their hair is great and has more potential than they thought makes it all worth it!

Nicole has been with Gene Juarez for over a year. She loves to work with curls because they are all so different! Every day and every client brings something new, making Nicole’s job as a hairdresser so fun. She loves to meet so many new people!

Via has been with Gene Juarez for four years and is a Cezanne and Keratin treatment specialist. She loves being able to help her curly hair clients find the right products to start loving their curls! Via loves being a hairdresser because of all of the fun clients she gets to work with – everyone has such different and great stories that she gets to learn more and more about them every visit.


Faith has been a designer at Gene Juarez for five years. She has a very loyal clientele and is highly referred. She specializes in cutting and styling techniques for extra curly hair. Faith pays close attention to everyone’s texture and loves the results of detailing the hair. Faith has been a part of backstage events where she can let her creativity flow and be a part of transforming someone’s look by simply enhancing ones natural beauty. Curly hair is fun and exciting and she would love to be a part of your hair journey with you.

Marche has been a Designer with Gene Juarez for four years, fulfilling her passion as a stylist.  Over the years she has become one of our highest request for curly hair. Her goal is to help all of her clients feel and look the best they can be.

Mishia has been with Gene Juarez for two years and she loves what she does! She loves curly hair and finds it sexy, fun, playful, and edgy. Mishia loves to help solve the problems that her clients are having with their hair and enjoys getting to show and teach them how to manage their hair at home.

Having been with Gene Juarez for four years, Rosa loves it! She’s always loved working with people with natural textures in their hair and love to show them that their hair is beautiful. Curls should never be pushed to the side. As a hairdresser, Rosa’s goal is to teach whoever is in their chair how to manage their hair, teach them new practices, and make their day easier. Her clients allow her to learn about so many things in the world, and she thinks they are all truly amazing!


Amanda has been with Gene Juarez for six years and is a specialist in men’s cuts and special occasions, and is a product educator. She loves working with curls because they are so unique and beautiful! She loves when her clients realize they can finally wear their curls proudly. Amanda loves the connection she has with her clients and the strong relationships they form together. “It’s like catching up with your best friend every six weeks!” she said. There is never a day where Amanda isn’t excited to come to work.

Erika has been with Gene Juarez for three years.  She loves helping people feel beautiful!  She loves all types of hair especially curly hair. She strives to help the client with challenges that they may be having with at home tips and tricks.

Genevieve has been with Gene Juarez for three years and is a Product Specialist. She loves the beauty in natural curls and loves to help her clients give their curls beautiful transformation that they can be confident about. Genevieve’s favorite part about being a hairdresser is being able to aid her clients in finding a style and product that works with their daily regiment and lifestyle. She loves to educate!

Tiarra has been with Gene Juarez for just under a year and is loving it! Having curly hair herself, she loves to watch others embrace their natural curl when they come see her. Working with so many different personalities makes being a hairdresser endlessly fun for Tiarra. “Individuality is everything!”, she says.

University Village

Abigail has been with Gene Juarez for a year, moving here from Chicago. She loves the natural beauty, volume, and shine of curly hair. She loves the versatility! Abigail loves being able to connect and understand her clients, allowing her to give them exactly what they want.

Collin has been with Gene Juarez for seven years and is a Cultural Team member. He loves the sharing that happens between him and his clients. Collin loves to work with curls because of their personality, and no person ever has the same curls!

Stella first started with Gene Juarez 15 years ago. She has a passion for the latest fashion trends and loves working with all hair types.

Traci has been with Gene Juarez for 25 years. She loves the artistry of curly hair. The practice of manipulating curls has always interested and influenced Traci. Whether enhancing one’s curl to its natural beauty, or shaping it into a sleek look, Traci loves everything about curls. She loves creating enthusiasm in her clients and making them feel more confident when they leave her chair. Throughout her years as a stylist, she has been able to meet a variety of different people, making being a hairdresser so fun. Traci knows that her clients have shaped her in many ways and is very grateful to have the opportunity create trust and relationships with so many people. Being a stylist is full of endless possibilities for Traci!

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