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The pool. The beach. The sweltering heat.
Chances are your hair took a beating this summer.

Trust the experts at Gene Juarez to bring back that vibrant, healthy glow to your hair. From a fresh cut and color… to a total makeover, take charge this season. Fall into color at Gene Juarez.

We’ve got a new addition to our color line to give you the shade of your dreams! To celebrate its launch, you can enjoy a free color lock or conditioning treatment along with your color service until October 17.

Learn more about what color service is right for you and then call us to schedule an appointment or ask a few color questions. We have 10 neighborhood locations from Lynnwood to Tacoma to Kitsap – call now: 425.373.3700.

If conditioning is what you need, this free color lock treatment provides intensive inside-out conditioning to all types of stressed hair, with silky smooth shine for days. Extra nerves about your color fading? Don’t you worry. Try the color lock treatment, a great final step for all color services. It’ll help to lock in your color and reduce fading while adding incredible shine.

What color service is right for you?

Maybe you’re ready to switch up your light summer hair for something darker (or vice versa!), but you’re not quite sure what kind of color service to request for your desired results. It can be tricky! So let’s break it down, shall we?

Balayage has turned into one of the most popular and requested color services at Gene Juarez. French for ‘to sweep’, a Balayage service is more low-maintenance then other color services, giving you less noticeable grow out lines and allowing for more time between appointments. A more natural look is best created with the Balayage technique, which uses no foil and only freehand work from your expert Gene Juarez Colorist.

All-Over Color, or Base Color, as one would imagine, colors your hair to all be one shade from root to tip. An all-over color creates a deep, rich and solid color. This technique works great for grey coverage or if you’d like to go little darker.


Foiling is a method used to highlight hair with options of a full head foil, or half. Using foil for highlights gives more define highlighted streaks than a Balayage. This coloring technique uses foil to separate strands of hair which will be lightened, from strands of hair which will remain its natural color. Foiling hair allows the color to get closer to the roots and creates a more piecey look than a Balayage.

Bleach and tone is when you’re looking to seriously lighten your locks. Hair color is lightened to create a new, all-over sold shade. With this technique, you can achieve the perfect blonde to suit your style; from golden honey to a vibrant platinum. What’s important to know is that if you have dark hair, grow out is inevitable and regular visits are a must. For tips and tricks on how to care for your post-bleached hair, be sure to speak to your Colorist and check out this to-do list.

Still not sure what’s best for you?

Our talented color team can help you decide what the best route would be. To schedule an appointment or ask a few color questions, reach out to one of our 10 neighborhood locations from Lynnwood to Tacoma to Kitsap or call us now at 425.373.3700.