Facial Fillers: Smooth as Silk

Smoothing: It’s the buzzword on everyone’s lips and the trend that’s taking the beauty industry by storm. As in, the sleekest hair around, a complexion that’s practically pore-less, and facial lines that are expertly—and imperceptibly—smoothed to perfection with the highest quality dermal fillers.

In fact, enhancing lips, cheeks, and smile (or “marionette”) lines with soft-tissue augmentation has become as familiar and acceptable as many other regularly-scheduled beauty treatments.

One of the most popular choices, known for its compatibility with the human body, is Hyaluronic acid – a naturally-occurring sugar based gel. Injected into the skin for aesthetic purposes, Hyaluronic acid (found in the majority of dermal fillers today) behaves like a cushion, bringing youthful support to facial areas that may have lost volume or elasticity.

Considering that facial imperfections can take years to appear, and dermal fillers take just minutes to erase, the treatment is considered by many to be a brilliant way to “face” the future.

Dermal fillers are the perfect choice for: Restoring youthful fullness to cheeks and hollows under the eye area, and smoothing deep wrinkles. They can also diminish the appearance of scars; erase fine lines, plump the lips, and even rejuvenate the hands.

What to know before you go: Allergy testing isn’t required, downtime is minimal—in fact, the majority of dermal fillers contain the numbing ingredient, lidocaine, resulting in a comfortable patient experience—and results are noticed immediately. (Note: Dermal fillers should not be used if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.) Your cosmetic dermatology specialist will discuss your goals and create a customized treatment plan, offering natural results.

The long and short of it: Results can vary from person to person, lasting anywhere from several months up to two years. In fact, research has shown that repeated injections may actually help stimulate the body’s own natural production of collagen, reducing the need for additional fillers and minimizing future lines and wrinkles. The benefits are extraordinary, the safety statistics comforting, and the smooth, silky results…undeniable.

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