Express Blow Dry FAQs

Express Blowdry FAQs

Gene Juarez Express Blowdries are the perfect, stress-free way to prep for whatever occasions you might have coming up. Here are the basic need-to-knows about your service:

Q: What is included in my Express Blowdry service?
A: Included is a shampoo, conditioning and blowdry service.

Q: What if I am late?
A: Depending on how late, we may need to reschedule your appointment.

Q: What if I need to cancel?
A: We would appreciate 24 hours notice.

Q: Can I bring in pictures?
A: No need to! We will provide a selection of styles that you can choose from.

Q: Does it cost more if you use a flat iron or curling iron?
A: Yes, $10.00 will be added to any style you choose that requires thermal styling to create the look.

Q: Should I come in with clean or dirty hair?
A: A shampoo is included in the service, however if you prefer a dry style, reasonably clean hair is preferred.

Q: What is a dry style?
A: If you would prefer to arrive with pre-shampoo and blown dry hair we can style it. It is the same service as the Express Blowdry without the shampoo.

Q: What if I have extra long, thick and/or curly hair?
A: It may take our stylists more time than allotted for the Express Blowdry Service. We recommend booking our Signature Blow Dry as this allows for more time to create your style.

Q: Can I have an Updo during the Express Blowdry service?
A: For an Updo, our stylists require more time, feel free to call and let us know you would like to book an appointment for Special Occasion Hair.

Q: Can I request a specific stylist?
A: No, however ALL of our stylists are trained to give you an exceptional blowdry.

Q: How is the Signature Blow dry different from the Express Blow dry?
A: Our Signature Blowdry may be booked with your favorite stylist. Your stylist will consult with you to help decide the best look for you. The Signature Blow dry allows for a more customized style that is tailored specifically for you.