• June 18, 2015 Haircolor

    Sure, everyone will think you just got back from two weeks in Cabo, but really it’s a custom Balayage from Gene Juarez. A strong base shade with brilliant accents, Balayage will give you that essential summer look - without the tan lines. Medium length styles become instantly summer ready thanks to the way Balayage adds sunkissed accents in all the right places.

    The newest summer trend we are seeing at Gene Juarez is Bronde color. Bronde is an evolution of the contemporary ombre look and combines the best of brunette and blonde tones for a perfectly harmonious blend of both, giving you lighter and brighter results.

    Ready to embrace the beauty of Balayage? Call 425.373.3700 to schedule your appointment or drop in and talk to one of our color experts to find out if this color is right for you.

  • June 18, 2015 Skin Care

    It’s easy to have a solid skincare regimen in place when there’s an arsenal of products right at your fingertips; but summer vacations shake things up a bit, often causing that wellness routine to slide once you’re away from home. 

    Yet, different climates, airline travel, and the stress of hopping from place to place can do a number on your complexion, making good skincare more important than ever. Here are some wise rules of the road to keep your face in check:

    Stick with a familiar cleanser: “An abrupt change in cleansers can actually disrupt skin’s acid balance and cause a vacation breakout", says Erin Welch, MD, professor of dermatology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

    Follow the hands-off rule: According to Dr. Welch, touching your face while you travel can result in skin problems from bacteria you may have picked up en-route. If ...