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    It seems like our skincare routine just keeps growing. Time consuming? Maybe. Worth it? Totally.

    Step to focus on today: moisturizer. Just like how it's imperative to drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated and healthy, your skin expects the same TLC. The boost in hydration that moisturizer provides helps to prevent flaking and dullness, creating a layer of moisture that lasts all day. Prone to blemishes and breakouts? Then moisturizer is a must in your skincare arsenal. Dryness can actually make acne worse! Even if acne isn’t the issue, nobody’s got time for dry skin. When skin is dehydrated, it loses its protective outer layer making it much easier to be irritated, red, and flakey. When you consistently use moisturizer, your skin will look and feel younger, feel softer with more elasticity, and stay forever hydrated. 

    One of our favorite skincare lines for moisturizers ...

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  • December 30, 2016 CommunityHair StyleLocalServices

    We're so proud of our very own James Todd for winning Seattle magazine's Best of 2016 Reader's Choice award for Best Hairstylist! James, a Premier Artist and Vice President of Artistry, has been with the company for nearly thirty years and is so popular with his clients, he's usually booked out at least three months in advance. As part of his role, James heads the Gene Juarez Artistic Team, a select group of our most Premier Artists who work on photoshoots, fashion shows, and more. 

    If you haven't had a James experience yourself, you can see him in action on King 5's New Day Northwest showing off Holiday hair tips and tricks. We're so proud of him and the enthusiastic expertise he brings to Gene Juarez. 

    A big thank you to James and his dedication to our company, and a big thank you ...