5 Steps to Luscious Lips & Lasting Color

Being a makeup artist, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that I adore a bold, dramatic lip. In fact, it’s my signature look to wear a deep plum, or burgundy shade on my lips. Over the years I’ve crafted the perfect regime for luscious, long-lasting lips:

Step 1 Exfoliate

I cannot stress enough how important it is to exfoliate! Even you, gentlemen, should exfoliate your lips from time to time. Removing the dead, dry, flaky skin off your lips brings out the soft, supple skin underneath, and it’s relatively easy. There are several different methods, but I prefer a lip scrub made especially for the delicate skin on your lips. My new favorite is Sara Happ Lip Scrub. It just became available at our salons and it’s fabulous. It combines sugar and essential oils that hydrate and exfoliate lips in one fell swoop. And it comes in several different flavors but I love the peppermint the best. Which brings us to step 2!

Step 2 Hydrate

You put moisturizer on your face every day, so don’t forget your lips! There are any number of lip moisturizers available, far too many to name, (I think the Sara Happ Lip Balm is amazing!) so choose whatever works best for you. Wearing a lip moisturizer at night will make a huge difference in the condition of your lips. If you’re going to wear lipstick or gloss, be sure to give the lip moisturizer enough time to absorb so it doesn’t affect the wear of your lip products.

Step 3 Prime

Yes, there is such thing as a lipstick primer! This is a light weight cream applied on and around your lips before lipstick application. If you’re not willing to add yet another beauty product to your daily routine, I find that using concealer on and around your lip line works beautifully. It helps create a barrier from your skin’s natural oils and prevents lipsticks and glosses from traveling, feathering and bleeding. For a super long wear, you can dust over the concealer with a little powder.

Step 4 Line

In my experience, you’re either a lip line girl, or you’re not. Either way is fine, but wearing a lip liner really does help lipstick and gloss wear longer and better. I like to fill in the entire lip with lip liner before putting on my lipstick. Doing so gives my lipstick something to anchor to and a nice, long, even wear. If you’re not a liner girl, I encourage you to try it, you won’t be sorry!

Step 5 Apply, then blot

Yes, that’s right. Apply your lipstick and then gently blot it with a tissue. For an extra-long wear, apply a second coat on top. Or you could apply gloss on top to add a little sparkle and shine.

And that’s it! Now you know how to have long wearing, perfectly hydrated and exfoliated, kissable, luscious lips! Now go forth and bring some beauty and glamour into the world!
Sarah Happ lip scrubs are featured as an add-on in our facial services this month. Contact a salon and spa nearest you to schedule your appointment.

Kimberly D is a makeup artist at our Kitsap Salon. To schedule a makeup appointment with Kimberly or any of our other amazing makeup artists, call 425.373.3700.