Month: January 2014

Balayage: Beauty in a Brushstroke

Depending on your familiarity with beauty trends, you may never have heard of balayage, but you’ve definitely seen the results: Jennifer Lopez, Lauren Conrad, Gisele Bundchen, Jessica Alba and Kate Bosworth have all been spotted with gorgeous, balayage-colored locks. Balayage is a freehand hair highlighting technique that allows stylists to create a truly customized style for their clients. This technique gives hairdressers more… Read more »

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WAX ON – Tips to Make the Most of Waxing Services

Let’s face it, of any beauty services we get, waxing is probably the most painful. But, with benefits like perfectly shaped brows and smooth legs for weeks, we’re willing to overlook a little discomfort. Whether new to waxing or a seasoned regular, taking a few tips for the Gene Juarez Skin Care Educator, Bobbie Nolin, will help… Read more »

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All About Ombré Hair

From celebs to runways, fashion magazines to editorial campaigns, ombré hair is everywhere. Starting as a simple trend, the past few years have proven that ombré is here to stay. Growing in popularity– especially during the sunny seasons – this gradually-fading highlight style has been spotted on nearly every starlet and pop star in the business.… Read more »

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